R&D and our future

R&D and our future

Vifor Pharma is committed to improving the lives of patients around the world with the development of innovative pharmaceutical products. Our passion, values and ethics will continue to drive our approach to research and development activity as we continue to work closely with experts in all areas of medicine to develop new medicines and optimizing our current products for patients in need. We are dedicated to ensuring that our research and clinical development strategy and results are conducted in a transparent and shared way, and in a collaborative manner with researchers, health authorities and especially patients.

Currently, Vifor Pharma clinical research is registered and reported using publicly accessible websites sponsored by the regulatory authorities in the US and Europe. Our trials can be accessed on ClinicalTrials.gov and through the EU Clinical Trials Register (the public portal of the EudraCT trials system). 
Drug discovery at Vifor Pharma

Vifor Pharma has a long history of research and development of pharmaceutical products to treat iron deficiency. Products such as Venofer® ▼ and Ferinject® ▼ were developed in our research laboratories in Switzerland where today we continue to investigate novel compounds and new options for the management of iron deficiency.

OM Pharma's R&D expertise is mainly in microbiology: fermentation, isolation and purification processes for bacterial products, their analytical and immunopharmacological characterization, and scaling-up of bioprocesses from laboratory to industrial production.
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